Laugh Your Way to the Top: How Humor Unlocks Influence, Boosts Sales, and Charms the Socks Off Anyone

Discover How Leveraging Humor Can Triple Your Influence and Sales Overnight WithOut Feeling Pushy

Learn the Art of Subtle Sales: Use Humor to Connect, Convince, and Close Deals Seamlessly.

Become Unstoppable...

Captivate & Connect: Discover how to make your offerings irresistible and ensure your clients remember you long after the sale.

Skyrocket Sales: Master the art of igniting client desire and stimulating buying behavior to make your products or services irresistible, ultimately 10X-ing your sales.

Charisma Unleashed: Learn rapid rapport. Use neuroscience to instantly stimulate chemistry with anyone

Bali Experience: Transform your wit in 8 days of luxury while vacationing with top celebrities. Craft your comedy with the pros to perfect your punchlines

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The Sales Technique They Don’t Teach:

Mastering Humor mindset for Unbeatable Results

feeling ignored?

Struggling to grab attention with your sales pitches? This common frustration signals a deeper issue that could be sabotaging your sales. Join our workshop to learn how adopting a humor mindset can transform indifferent audiences into engaged prospects, boosting your sales and client engagement. Discover the critical communication barriers you face and how a humor mindset can overcome them, revitalizing your sales approach.

MYTH EXPOSED: How humor mindset Enhances Professionalism

Still think humor has no place in sales? Join our webinar to debunk this and other myths. Discover how a humor mindset not only enhances professionalism but also revolutionizes client engagement and loyalty. Don’t let outdated beliefs stunt your sales growth—embrace the unexpected and transform your approach for groundbreaking results

secret weapon for sales success: the humor mindset

Why do some sales pitches succeed when others don’t? Discover the secret: a humor mindset that can double your conversions. Join our webinar to learn how this overlooked strategy not only engages clients but also dramatically boosts your sales performance. Secure your spot now to transform your sales results!

Meet Your stewards to personal greatness

Amy Jo Honey

Amy Honey is an international speaker and trainer in the areas of customer engagement, body language, behavior modification, sales, and habit transformation, based in neuroscience, human behavior and psychology.


Amy is a social media influencer in the youthful aging space, and isn’t afraid to get down and boogie on TikTok.


She’s also the co-host of “Meet The Author’s’ Live on Amazon with her husband, Jamie. She has an extensive background in high ticket sales and is known by her peers as the “power-house closer”.


She is personally responsible for about 5 million in product sales at live events and online for her clients yearly, and is an authentic risk-taker with a great sense of humor.


Amy has numerous health and fitness certifications and was a professional stunt actress.


Amy’s greatest passion is transforming peoples lives to make a positive impact on the world through teaching people the psychology behind ethical sales and human behavior.


Jamie Honey

Jamie Honey is an Emotional Energy Specialist, died 18 years of age and returned with a unique insight into humanity and in understanding Human Behavior.

For 20 years as an international stunt actor, Improv Trainer and show creator for Universal Studios Japan and Warner Brothers Movie World Australia, Jamie lived and worked around the world experiencing various cultures and exploring new ways of thinking.

Jamie has multiple certifications in Hypnosis, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Emotion code, and Energy Healing combined with knowledge in Human Behavior, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, which assists Jamie with being a master integrator of Personal Development, the creative imaginative process, and helping people release their subconscious money blocks and inherited limiting beliefs.

Tom Cotter

Comedian Tom Cotter has taken the comedy scene by storm since finishing as runner-up and becoming the Breakout Star from Season 7’s "America's Got Talent." He lost to a dog act, but don’t hold that against him; Tom was the first comedian ever to be a finalist on the show and was the highest finishing human being on the show that year.

In January 2019 Tom was again invited back to the AGT stage - this time to perform against the best of the best “Got Talent” performers from other years and around the world in “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.” In one the most talked about sets of the entire competition, Tom received a STANDING OVATION from the adoring crowd.

Tom's other numerous television and radio credits include "The Tonight Show,” “Last Comic Standing,” his very own "Comedy Central Presents... Tom Cotter,"The Howard Stern Show,
Comics Unleashed, multiple appearance on CBS’ "The Late Late Show" and Celebrity Host of “Gotham Comedy Live” on AXS-TV.

Kerri Louise

Kerri Louise is an actress, a stand-up comic, an author, and a mother of 3 boys. (4 if you count her husband - Tom Cotter - who is also a stand-up comic). They live in New York with 2 cats and a mini golden doodle.

Kerri lives in a household full of clowns and testosterone. Even her cats are boys and her dog identifies as a boy (she humps everything). That’s why she decided to record her crazy life. She created a Youtube web series called, “My Mommy Minute” and wrote two books

“Mean Mommy”, a funny “How To” mom book, and a children’s book entitled “Harry the Elephant has An Allergy”

She has filmed a comedy special on SHOWTIME, Funny Women Of A Certain Age, and she was lucky enough to escape from the house to film a couple of movies, a lead in a pilot, and a few commercials. Otherwise, she would’ve won the award for “Best Nagging Mother in a Leading Role”.

Her thirty-year Stand-Up career has taken her around the world with stops in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Greece, Turkey, Nova Scotia, and across the country from LA to New York. When she’s not performing comedy, acting, writing content, taking care of her kids, or being an “Uber Mom”, you can find her in the gym, zooming-in on someone’s social media pic., shopping, or binge watching Netflix.

Craig Gass

“When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat”. – George Carlin

Modern media insists we categorize talent– you know, put folks in boxes according to their entertaining skill set. It works fine for the one-dimensional. He’s a movie star, she’s a singer/songwriter, he’s a comedian, she’s a stripper. You get my drift. Which brings us to the hydra-headed multi-faceted, standup comic, impressionist, actor, renaissance freak (yes, freak) genius, Craig Gass.

His eclectic resume is scripted from two decades of working rooms, following leads, embarrassing and endearing strangers while building a modest and devoted fan base. Craig didn’t pursue a particular career path, the career happened to Craig; in no small way thanks to his uncanny ability to capture the voice and idiosyncrasies of the celebrities he impersonates.


Craig began doing standup in 1993 by hitting the grueling, bumpy comedy circuit road and cultivating his craft in whatever crappy bar or club would have him. Shortly into the new millennium, shock radio kingpin, Howard Stern, took Craig under his massive, media wing.


Since then, he’s been seen in Sex and the City, King of Queens, American Dad, Law and Order and a ton of media.


Frequently asked questions

Still Have Questions?

Explore common questions about the "Humor the Master Key Zoom event" here. Find out how to participate, what to expect, and how to prepare. We aim to make your experience both informative and enjoyable. If you have any further questions not covered here, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help every step of the way!

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What If I'm Not Funny?

Don’t worry if you're not naturally funny—humor is a skill that can be developed, just like any other aspect of sales! Our webinar is designed to help participants understand the principles of humor and how it can be effectively integrated into sales strategies, regardless of your starting point.During the session, you'll learn techniques to harness the power of light-hearted interactions and use them to engage clients more effectively. We’ll provide you with practical tools and tips to help you create moments of humor that feel authentic and enhance your interactions. Remember, humor in sales isn’t about performing stand-up comedy; it’s about connecting with your clients in a more meaningful and memorable way.

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Is this zoom event suitable for beginners in sales or those new to using humor?

Absolutely! This webinar is designed for participants at all levels, including beginners in sales and those new to incorporating humor. We'll cover foundational concepts and provide step-by-step guidance, making it easy for anyone to start using humor to enhance their sales effectiveness. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refresh your approach, you'll find valuable insights and techniques to apply immediately.

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How do I access the event, and what technical requirements are needed?

You only need zoom. If you don't have a zoom account yet, I recommend grabbing a free account at Once you've grabbed your ticket, you will receive an email and a text with the zoom link.

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What are the key takeaways I can expect from this webinar?

In our "Humor in Sales" event, you can expect to gain a range of valuable insights and practical skills that will transform how you approach sales interactions. Here are some of the key takeaways: Understanding Humor's Role in Sales: Learn why humor is a powerful tool in building rapport and trust with clients, and how it can make your sales pitch more engaging and memorable. Developing a Humor Mindset: We'll guide you through the process of developing a humor mindset that you can apply in various sales scenarios to lighten the mood and enhance client relationships. Practical Humor Strategies: Gain actionable techniques for incorporating humor into your sales tactics without undermining your professionalism or the seriousness of your message. Live Demonstrations and Examples: See real-time examples and role-plays that demonstrate the effective use of humor in sales conversations. Interactive Q&A Sessions: Have the opportunity to ask questions and get personalized advice from experts on integrating humor into your specific sales context. Long-term Benefits of Humor: Understand how using humor can lead to better client retention, increased referrals, and ultimately, higher sales conversions.

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